The Power of One

The words sit on the dresser in my bedroom and I read them often, “The power of one”. Four simple words that hold deep meaning to me. I often feel overwhelmed by the needs of others, world poverty, homelessness and a list that goes on and on. What can one person do?

This spring as I accompanied Dr. Ananthi Jebasingh during her stay in the U.S. to multiple events where she shared the story of the Good Samaritan School, I realized more fully what one person can do. As Ananthi shared the amazing story of how she responded to God’s call to teach one beggar boy in her home that ultimately grew into a school where over 2000 students are taught, I stood amazed at what God did with one child and one obedient lady.

At each event, I stood praying that one person would come to the sponsorship table and sponsor one child followed by another prayer for God to send someone else so one more child could be sponsored. I rejoiced over each and every child that was sponsored and each and every person who said “yes” to sponsorship. I knew that both would be blessed. The sponsor receives an amazing gift of joy knowing their special child is receiving multiple blessings that come with sponsorship. The sponsored child receives the gifts of a quality education, medical care, a daily meal and the amazing opportunity to hear the good news about Jesus Christ in a land where there are fewer than 3% Christians. One sponsor, one child, it is a beautiful example of the power of one.

To view the power of one, click here. It may change how you think about the difference that one person can make in the life of another.


Leslie Littrell

FOTGS Sponsorship Director

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