The Gift of Prayer

Recently, a monthly prayer group was formed in Lexington, KY to specifically pray for the school, children and staff. After relaying this news to Ananthi in an email, I received a remarkable reply. Ananthi explained that she was attending a meeting in Central India when she received my e-mail. While at the meeting, she had learned there was a prayer room in the building where the meeting was being held. When time allowed, Ananthi slipped away and found her way to the room of prayer. Upon entering, she found a man with an open Bible on his knees. He rose and explained to Ananthi that he was praying for a Christian ministry in India that prays 24 hours a day for the work of the ministry. Ananthi writes, “I was thrilled and thought for a moment that if we had one like this, the ministry and the children would flourish!”

Ananthi was very encouraged about our new prayer group, but her statement made me think, “What would happen if more people consistently prayed for the Good Samaritan School?” Remembering that India is #15 on the list of countries in which Christians are most persecuted, I was reminded of the importance of consistently praying for the school, the teachers and staff, the children, and Ananthi. Each month I look forward to gathering with others in my Lexington, KY home to intercede on behalf of the work of the Good Samaritan School. I keep a list of prayer requests on my bedside table to remind me to pray each night for the work being done in India.

Please join me in lifting up the Good Samaritan School, starting with these prayer requests:

    1. *Praise God for the amazing work He has done and continues to do through the school.
    1. *Ask that God would help the students excel in their studies.
    1. *Request that God would fill the teachers and staff with wisdom and insight as they teach.
    1. *Pray for protection from accidents, disease and harm for the students, their families, and the teachers/staff.
    1. *Request that God continue to make financial provision for the school.
    1. *Ask that each month there will be an increase in the number of children sponsored.
    1. If you are interested in learning more about the prayer group in Lexington, please contact Leslie at
  1. Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful
    and thankful.            Colossians 4:2


It was a Saturday morning.
I was 8 years old.
My mother was gone for the day.
Upon her return, she called me into our living room and began to tell me about her day.
I listened, expectantly, to her words and
my heart changed…forever.

My Mom told me that she had been to the home of a very poor family in our town. She and two ladies from our church took the mother shopping for new Easter clothes. The family could not afford new clothing for the children and they had outgrown their spring clothes. Until that moment, I did not know there were children who did not get a new outfit each Easter. As I listened to her story, tears began to flow.
Those were not the last tears I would shed for children in need.

As a child, shopping for a new Easter dress, new shoes, and even new underwear was always a special event! When we returned home, I always inspected my new clothes with growing excitement. After getting up early and having my mom fuss with my hair, I dressed in my new Easter outfit and would go to find my father who always told me how beautiful I looked! I felt like a princess presenting herself to the king!

New Easter clothing leads me to think about the day when the children at the Good Samaritan School are presented with their new school uniforms. Twice a year they receive two sets of clothing – light weight clothes for the warm months and heavy clothes and a wool coat for the cold season. New clothing is a rarity for the children who live in the slums. Receiving new uniforms not only fills the governmental requirement that all school children wear uniforms to school but it gives the child a sense of dignity and worth having nice, new clothing to wear.

I imagine that many children go home, dress in their new uniforms and model for their parents who make them feel special like my parents did on Easter morning!

Clothing over 2000 children is a large expense for the Good Samaritan School. Please consider donating to the uniform fund as another way to support the children and the work of the school.

Provide a child with a uniform shirt and pants/skirt……..$20
Provide a child with a warm winter coat……..$25
Provide a child with a full uniform……..$45


With Gratitude,

Leslie Littrell
Sponsorship Director

The Power of One

The words sit on the dresser in my bedroom and I read them often, “The power of one”. Four simple words that hold deep meaning to me. I often feel overwhelmed by the needs of others, world poverty, homelessness and a list that goes on and on. What can one person do?

This spring as I accompanied Dr. Ananthi Jebasingh during her stay in the U.S. to multiple events where she shared the story of the Good Samaritan School, I realized more fully what one person can do. As Ananthi shared the amazing story of how she responded to God’s call to teach one beggar boy in her home that ultimately grew into a school where over 2000 students are taught, I stood amazed at what God did with one child and one obedient lady.

At each event, I stood praying that one person would come to the sponsorship table and sponsor one child followed by another prayer for God to send someone else so one more child could be sponsored. I rejoiced over each and every child that was sponsored and each and every person who said “yes” to sponsorship. I knew that both would be blessed. The sponsor receives an amazing gift of joy knowing their special child is receiving multiple blessings that come with sponsorship. The sponsored child receives the gifts of a quality education, medical care, a daily meal and the amazing opportunity to hear the good news about Jesus Christ in a land where there are fewer than 3% Christians. One sponsor, one child, it is a beautiful example of the power of one.

To view the power of one, click here. It may change how you think about the difference that one person can make in the life of another.


Leslie Littrell

FOTGS Sponsorship Director

Many changes for FOTGS

Friends of the Good Samaritans underwent many exciting changes in 2016. To provide a more relational experience to our current and future sponsors, we rebranded the organization and remodeled our website for a user-friendly and interactive experience. We updated our donor software and giving platform to provide easy and secure online giving for our donors. Our permanent office also moved to Wilmore, KY. Thank you for your patience during this transformative year.

Schools close…”New Delhi is the most polluted city on Earth right now”

India’s over population leads to pollution problems that effect the quality of life of so many children.

In November, the Good Samaritan School was ordered by the government to close for over a week due to the dangerous level of toxins in the air caused by pollution. It was reported by our staff at the school that the smog was so heavy that it became difficult to breathe anywhere outdoors. Many of the children and staff members suffered from various respiratory illnesses as a result. One staff member’s wife passed away due to health problems precipitated by the air quality. Please pray for India and their government to enforce regulations to improve air quality and for the health and safety of the staff and children.

To read more, Click Here.

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