Sponsorship transforms the lives of children by giving them health and hope for a bright future. Instead of begging and stealing on the streets or dying prematurely from disease; the children are inspired to value what they receive and grow up to be the change makers of India.

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The Good Samaritan schools provide quality education and have been approved by the Education Department and Government of India. Students who graduate from TGS are qualified to apply for any college of their choosing, making their dreams limitless. The Good Samaritan School is 1 of less than 5 government-recognized, Christian institutions in Northern India for slum children.


The faculty are all certified educators who have sought out this school to work with underprivileged children. They not only teach the assigned curriculum, but as they demonstrate compassion they become parents to these children and guide them through their overwhelming struggles.


The school provides a daily nutritional meal, rich with vitamins and minerals to the children each day. For many children, this is the only meal they receive.

Medical Care

Medical care is provided to each child, including anti-parasite medications and vitamins. Children with special needs are taken to the doctor, free of charge. There are many handicapped children assisted at TGS.

How does sponsorship work?

An individual, family or group invests in the life of a child with a monthly donation of $40.

Sponsorship is more than a financial commitment, sponsors are encouraged to engage their child in relationship through pictures, letter and if possible, by visiting them in India. Sponsors receive personal information about their child, pictures, letters and drawings, and regular updates from the school.

Sponsor a Child

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