Sacrificial Love

Five days a week she took care of the needs of her grandchildren. Each Sunday she used her gift of teaching, her love for children, and her commitment to the Lord to educate first grade students in Sunday School. Her daughter told me her family vacations were never more than six days. Her mother insisted they return home on Saturday so she could teach Sunday School the next day. Her name was Lois Cooper. She is now in her eternal home but her influence upon children continues today.

Visiting the Good Samaritan School, I noticed that many of the staff and teachers came to weekly church services held at the school. When it came time for the children to come forward to share memorized scripture and depart for children’s church, it was the teachers and staff from the school who taught them. They were extending love to the children not only at school but at church as well.

It is this kind of love that extends beyond what is “required” to a sacrificial giving of time and energy that communicates love to children. Growing up with teachers who love sacrificially is a gift that last through a child’s lifetime and transforms generations to come.

Leslie Littrell
Sponsorship Coordinator

Dear friends, since God so loved us, we ought to love one another.    1 John 4:11

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