Our calling is to take initiatives for needy and marginalized
in India and restore them to confident living.

Luke 18:16 is our guide, “Let the little children come to Me,
and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God.”

Our History

1989 Dr. Ananthi Jebasingh answers the knock on her door of a begging child. God speaks to her and tells her to feed, teach and love him. One week later the boy returns with 25 children wanting to attend the “school”.
1990 The mission has a humble beginning in a home garage with 100 students.
1991 School grows to hold 600 children in four rooms of a slum toilet complex.
1998 Tourists from the U.S. unexpectedly visited the school and their hearts were changed forever.
2004 FOTGS was incorporated as a U.S. non-profit to fund and grow the school; first Director was hired.
2005 With involvement from U.S. partners, a new, first-rate facility was completed.
2007 Approval granted by the government of India that allows graduates to apply to any college or institution of their choosing.
2008 Fourth school year commenced in the new facility with 850 students.
2011 First graduating class is sent out to pursue college or a career.
2016 12th school year begins with 2000 students enrolled. 350 children graduated to become the change-makers of India.

Dr. Ananthi Jebasingh

Founder and Director of The Good Samaritan Schools

In 1989, she was a Christian homemaker and college professor with a Doctorate in Linguistics in northern India. Like all Indians she saw poverty in the streets everyday of her life. One fateful day, God decided to use her to change hearts of children in a slum of 25,000 people across from her apartment. After teaching more than 100 children from her home, Ananthi received permission to establish a school within the “toilet complex” of the Alakananda slum in 1991. By 1998, she was teaching more than 600 children of all ages within the slum community with the help of 18 volunteer teachers. With a passion for these children, Ananthi manages a staff of over 150 in New Delhi, India. The children and families of the communities call her “Mummy-ji” which in Hindi means “honored mother”.

Our Mission

To open the hearts of India’s children by providing free education and care through the support of committed partners.


Christ-like Compassion, Faith, Education, Connectedness, Transparency


Provide free education, nutrition and medical care to the impoverished children of India. Engage partners in relationship with the children through prayer, giving and traveling to India to experience one-on-one connection and life change.

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