The Good Samaritan School

The Good Samaritan School has a $3.5 million debt-free facility that has been provided with the help of U.S. partners for the poor of India. At maximum capacity, TGS will serve 4,000 students at this facility, and will need 4,000 individual sponsorships to operate the school at that capacity. Currently only 2000 students are enrolled.

There are not enough schools provided to the public by the government of India for all children to attend. Often schools will charge small fees from children that many from the slum cannot afford or they do not want slum children in their school because of the challenges a poor child will raise. The Good Samaritan School is purposed to serve the poor children of Delhiā€™s slums and comprehensively care for their many needs. They are given a chance to go to school at a first-rate facility where they have extensive educational and medical resources and a safe learning environment. An educated child has a better chance of obtaining a job paying a livable wage, especially if that child has learned English. The schools teach with an English medium, giving an extra advantage to the students. The school provides children with a springboard into the working world, as well as the nutrition and medical care to survive.

Feeder Center

In addition the new facility, The Good Samaritans have two feeder centers located next to the slum communities. These centers are for younger children, one center educates through 8th and the other through the 5th grade. Their proximity to the slum helps children and parents grow in relationship with the teachers and staff. When a child graduates from their center, they commute to the nearby larger facility to continue their education through the 12th grade. There are more than 1,000 students at both centers.

Visit the School

FotGS encourages church groups and individuals to travel to India and engage the children on a personal level. Visitors will participate in a variety of activities with the children including Arts and Crafts, Sports, Music, Drama and can take on a work project at the school. Trips are also led into the slum communities for visitors to meet the children and connect with the families in their homes. FotGS will help make all arrangements from your plane ticket and visa to boarding in our flat near the school. The trip is very affordable. Should you or your group have an interest in a short term mission to India please contact us for more information at .

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