Unwanted girls of the slum

Unwanted girls of the slum

Three precious little girls lost their lives in the slum because they were unwanted by their mother and seen as a burden to their family. This story is sadly a common one among the downtrodden population that we work with in the slum. In India, among the poor classes of society, giving birth to a girl is a burden because in order to marry them, a dowry must be paid to the groom and his family. Many poor families cannot afford a dowry and according to the culture, the girls are unable to marry and will remain a financial burden for the family. Boys are prized and seen as future earners for the family, while so many girls are abandoned or killed. 

Providing education for girls changes their fate. When a little girl is enrolled at the Good Samaritan School her very life is provided for through the value of education. The family and community begin to understand that girls can be earners for the family whether they marry or not. We thank God for every child that He has brought to us and the opportunity we have to care for them and give them a chance for a better future. Every sponsorship truly transforms the life of a child from the slum. Please sponsor a child today.

For the full news article on this tragic story, click Here.

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